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Keeping costs down

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I remember Granddad announcing that old horse was getting too fat, so hay ration should be reduced and definitely no carrots.  Grandma heard this with some suspicion.  If horse getting too fat,it is because not doing enough work.  And if horse not doing enough work, then Granddad not doing enough work.  Why is plot still half full of beetroot? Because he is getting lazy and spending too much time (and money) on his trips into village.  Igor's Vodka Emporium has had new curtains and carpets since Granddad started going their to discuss world politics, no coincidence says Grandma.  And cost of hay is going up.  Oh, that's what it is about - horse is not too fat, cost of keeping horse is going up, and better to cut down on feed than miss out on village trips.  

UK motorists are used to cost of motoring going up.  Fuel prices have been at a three-year high, but RAC has shamed big supermarkets into passing on recent crude oil price reductions.  There are other ways they say costs can be kept down.

  • Switch where you park. Using a regular spot just half a mile outside of Manchester city centre, for example, could reduce annual costs by £223.
  • Less-convenient spot outside central Cardiff can save £221, in Leeds (£192), inLiverpool and Sunderland (both £133).
  • Avoid big chains and save a lot with private spaces found on a growing number of specialised apps like Just Park, Park on My Drive and Your Parking Space.
  • Rent out your drive and make in excess of £200 a month – find out the value of your space using a tool like ParkLet or Your Parking Space.

Passing or past it?

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Tags: safety

MOToring service provided free

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Tags: MOTchecksafety
Check on any vehicle's past history free

Belt up! or else ...

Published by in Motoring ·
Tags: Seatbeltpenalties
Watch out for increased fines for not wearing a seat belt

Wrong sort of mobility

Published by in Safety ·
Tags: Mobilephonessafetydriving
Hand held mobile phone usage whilst driving continues despite stiff penalties.

Scrappage, AdBlue and other idle matters

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Tags: Fuelscrappageschemepollution
Diesel air pollution is something to be addressed


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Tags: SafetyDrivingetiquette
Learners to do it on the M1

Testing Times

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Tags: Drivingtestsafety
A new driving test is coming out 4th December 2017 - would you pass it?

Hay Fever

Published by in Safety ·
Tags: Safetyhealthmedication
Beware of the effects of hay fever treatments on driving

How not to buy a car

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Tags: Financecarpurchasehirepurchase
Lease hire may be good but it is stacking up debt.
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