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Scrappage, AdBlue and other idle matters

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Old horse was getting slower and slower, and I remember GrandDad agonising about putting him out to grass - or worse.  'So vot will I do wizout hourse.?' cried GrandDad, and GrandMa, who was less atttached to horse, said 'So get a new horse.  Part exchange is what to do. Scrap old horse and get deal on new one. Anyway, this one stinks. I have to keep windows closed when he is in stable. Get rid!' And so GrandDad went to horse dealer and asked how much he would pay for old horse and how much new horse would cost.  Now horse dealers never ever lose money on anything they do, but GrandDad was grateful to be offered a few kopeks for old horse and to take home new horse on pay as you go easy terms.  But when he told GrandMa how much he got for old horse, she screamed 'You old fool, is that all? Don't you know how much he will get for old horse? Lots more than he paid you.'.  'How?' asked GrandDad, 'Who would want to buy such old horse for more ?'  'The glue factory of course! Now go back and get a better deal!'  So GrandDad did.  He took new horse back, gave dealer the kopeks he had paid and brought old horse home.

In new country, diesel cars were encouraged by government as being the way to save the planet because they emitted less carbon dioxide. Then new government discovered that the downside was all the other nasty things that diesel engines produced, and affected air quality. So much for government scientists!  So now new diesel cars have an extra tank for something called AdBlue, which stops them emitting nitrogen dioxide.  Also some have start stop function that cuts the engine if it has been idling for two minutes. Just as well. The Highway Code says that you should switch off the engine if you have been stationary for a couple of minutes.  But beware, if you have to start and stop a lot in a traffic jam, it may tax an old battery and leave you stranded.


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Learners to do it on the M1

Testing Times

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Tags: Drivingtestsafety
A new driving test is coming out 4th December 2017 - would you pass it?

Hay Fever

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Tags: Safetyhealthmedication
Beware of the effects of hay fever treatments on driving

How not to buy a car

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Tags: Financecarpurchasehirepurchase
Lease hire may be good but it is stacking up debt.

Tyres can get tired

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Tags: Safetytyreswinterstorage
Winter storage of tyres can bring its own problems.


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About turn on diesel

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Tags: Dieselparkingexpenses
Westminster council planning to charge diesels more to park

Watch out, watch out, a thief's about

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Tags: Securitycarthefttracking
Car thieves are finding new ways to steal cars.

Look where you're going - No, really!

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Tags: Healtheyesightsafety
A majority of people never have their eyesight checked after passing their driving test.
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