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Testing Times

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I once asked Granddad how he learned to drive horse and cart.  'I didn't learn', he proclaimed, striking his chest, 'I have Cossack blood in my veins and driving horses is as natural to me as breathing!'  I didn't know that he was a descendant of Cossacks, and I was very impressed, but curious.  'Why then Granddad,' I said, 'do you need a cart?  You must be able to ride bareback on the wildest of horses.  Let me see. Will you teach me how?  Does that mean I am part Cossack?'  At which point he miumbled something about the beetroot patch needing his attention.  But from that moment on I proudly thought that I was part Cossack, and should be able to ride horses like them.  If only someone could teach me how.

In New Country, driving is something that has to be tested before you an get a licence to drive a car.  And in December, on the 4th, this year, the driving test has been updated to include following sat nav instructions as well as road signs!  And drivers will be asked questions while they are driving, and the independent driving section will be extended from 10 minutes to 20 minutes!  Also more realistic manouevers are being included - whatever that means.  I wonder if you would fail if you followed the sat nav directions and ended up in a river?  

Hay Fever

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Tags: Safetyhealthmedication
Beware of the effects of hay fever treatments on driving

How not to buy a car

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Tags: Financecarpurchasehirepurchase
Lease hire may be good but it is stacking up debt.

Tyres can get tired

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Tags: Safetytyreswinterstorage
Winter storage of tyres can bring its own problems.


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Tags: Removaltrading

About turn on diesel

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Tags: Dieselparkingexpenses
Westminster council planning to charge diesels more to park

Watch out, watch out, a thief's about

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Tags: Securitycarthefttracking
Car thieves are finding new ways to steal cars.

Look where you're going - No, really!

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Tags: Healtheyesightsafety
A majority of people never have their eyesight checked after passing their driving test.

Too much of speeding does you no good

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Tags: Speedingsafety
Risk of accidents caused by speeding has been measured.

New for Old

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Tags: Safetyamenityservice
Old tyres need to be changed for new, or join the penalty points awards.
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