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Belt up! or else ...

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After GrandDad fell off cart for fourth time following a session discussing world economics in Igor's Vodka Emporium, GrandMa insisted he do something about it. 'So who will harvest the beetroot you old fool, if you have a broken neck? No more Igor, right? That's final, right?' she shouted at him.  GrandDad knew she had a point, but being determined that world affairs should not be robbed of his wise opinion, he devised an alternative solution.  'If I have a way of not falling off cart, will you be satisfied?' he tentatively enquired of GrandMa when she was in a better humour.  She shrugged, but looked suspicious in a way that said 'don't push your luck'.  Anyway, the next time he left Igor he put his solution into operation - he strapped himself into the chair on the cart with lots of rope (he had to have Igor help him of course, as his hands didn't seem to do what he wanted them to).  From that day on he never fell of the cart.  And GrandMa got really angry about having to untie him when he got home, but that's another story.

Nothing like that in new country.  UK law is people in cars have to wear seat belts. However, it is the case that many do not bother.  In crashes that killed driver or passenger only 65% were wearing seat belt compared to the average of 94%.  So the government is being asked to increase the fine for not wearing a seat belt to be in line with the penalty for using a mobile phone while at the wheel, £200 and six points on the licence.  So belt up, it may save your life - and a penalty.

Wrong sort of mobility

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Tags: Mobilephonessafetydriving
Hand held mobile phone usage whilst driving continues despite stiff penalties.

Scrappage, AdBlue and other idle matters

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Tags: Fuelscrappageschemepollution
Diesel air pollution is something to be addressed


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Tags: SafetyDrivingetiquette
Learners to do it on the M1

Testing Times

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Tags: Drivingtestsafety
A new driving test is coming out 4th December 2017 - would you pass it?

Hay Fever

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Tags: Safetyhealthmedication
Beware of the effects of hay fever treatments on driving

How not to buy a car

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Tags: Financecarpurchasehirepurchase
Lease hire may be good but it is stacking up debt.

Tyres can get tired

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Tags: Safetytyreswinterstorage
Winter storage of tyres can bring its own problems.


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Tags: Removaltrading

About turn on diesel

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Tags: Dieselparkingexpenses
Westminster council planning to charge diesels more to park
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