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Insurance Hot Stuff

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Granddad never had much tme for condiments. After all, so little to eat with beetroot - maybe a little sour wine, not much to improve the flavour.  That is why he paid no attention when Grandma put a jar of mustard on the shelf with great pride.  It was a present from Auntie Irina who had moved to new world.  Personally I think she was just bragging - 'look at what mustard I can buy in Pimlico!'.  Anyway, Granddad was in need of a place to keep his little bits and pieces (string, washers, nuts, screws) and decided that the mustard jar was just right for the job.  So he washed it out and used it for his purposes. The when Grandma found what he had done, he spent the next week sleeping with old horse.  Grandma could be very hot-tempered when she felt like it, all for the mustard jar.

In UK there is a new sort of mustard jar, but this time for car insurance.  Mustard Jar is a new way to pay for your car insurance, by helping you acquire points by buying from retailers who are in the scheme.  Then you can cash the points to help you pay for your car insurance.  EEEzeee!  Join Mustard Jar and save!

Getting a good deal

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Tags: Buyingdealer
Car dealers can be methodical when buying your car.

Don't frighten the horse!

Published by in Safety, Motoring ·
Tags: Driving
Overtaking safe for cyclists, not for cars

Keeping costs down

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Tags: Costsaving
Fight back on rising costs of motoring

Passing or past it?

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Tags: safety

MOToring service provided free

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Tags: MOTchecksafety
Check on any vehicle's past history free

Belt up! or else ...

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Tags: Seatbeltpenalties
Watch out for increased fines for not wearing a seat belt

Wrong sort of mobility

Published by in Safety ·
Tags: Mobilephonessafetydriving
Hand held mobile phone usage whilst driving continues despite stiff penalties.

Scrappage, AdBlue and other idle matters

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Tags: Fuelscrappageschemepollution
Diesel air pollution is something to be addressed


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Tags: SafetyDrivingetiquette
Learners to do it on the M1
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