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Beware ULEZ!

MAL 2020
Published by in Motoring · 16 February 2019
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After 8 April 2019, driving into London may become more expensive for you. Apart from the Congestion Charge, the ULEZ or Ultra Low Emission Zone comes into effect in the same area.  Only certain cars will be affected. Transport for London says that 1.5 million diesel cars, 500,000 petrol cars, 55,000 HGVs and 10,000 coaches failed to meet the ULEZ standards in the Congestion Charge Zone last year, so potentially a big money-spinner.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone has been introduced as a measure to clean up London's air quality.  At first it will only affect central London, and will replace the T-charge but be added on top of the Congestion Charge.  If your vehicle is affected, you’ll have to pay an extra £12.50, or if a lorry over 3.5 tonnes or a coach over 5 tonnes it’ll cost an extra £100 per day!  Failing to pay the ULEZ charge will result in a fine of £160, £80 if you pay within a certain timeframe. The ULEZ only affects cars that fail to meet new emission standards, and you can find out if your vehicle passes with TFL’s handy registration plate checker, here.

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