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Driving is not a video game

MAL 2020
Published in Safety · 12 April 2019
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Young Driver, a driving organisation,  claims that video games (and films such as Fast and Furious) give young people the wrong messages about driving safety. 58% of respondents to their survey in the 18-24 age range said that they thought that screen-dispayed motoring contributed to teenagers' believing that driving was a lot easier than it is.

Some parents, apparently, felt that video game driving was a 'safe way' to get speed out of their child's system.  However, what teenagers are not learning is how to drive safely and responsibly.  Putting children through a cycling awareness course at the age of 11 or 12 is a good way to inculcate a respect for the road, and other users of it, and that can have beneficial effects when they graduate to learning to drive a potentially lethal machine.  Just a thought.

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