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If you must talk and drive ...

Garage Services Tyres Exhausts Batteries MOT
Published by in Insurance, Law · 19 July 2019
Tags: Drivingphoningsafetylaw
How do you pick up a £200 fine and six points on your licence?  Easy, just get caught making a phone call from the car while driving.  

Obviously this would only apply to hand-held phones, but Thames Valley and Hampshire police are using new high-tec detectors that can pick up 2G, 3G and 4G signals.  This means they don't have to see you on the phone, they just have to pick you up on their technology.  The technology also recognises Bluetooth, so they'll know if you are phoning on hands free (in which case you are in th clear).

Slight problem though - they can't tell if the call is being made by the driver or by a passenger.  So in the meantime, drivers wil be warned with a large flashing sign instead of a fine and points - not quite sure what the next steps will be.  However, we shouldn't need the police to stop us doing something as irresponsible and unsafe as holding a phone while driving, should we?

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