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Never Too Old

MAL 2020
Published by in Motoring · 15 June 2019
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The Institute of Advanced Motorists, now known as IAM RoadSmart, is going strong and working to help those with a pride in their driving skills to reach peak safe performance.  Their aim is to inspire all road users to be the best they can be. They do that by developing the skills of all licence holders through their advanced courses, business programmes and introductory sessions.  For £49 you can have an informal assssment of your driving by a qualified inspector; for £149 you can sign up for an advanced driving course and get a qualification. You might even qualify for cheaper car insurance.

Over the last 60 years, half a million people have qualified as advanced drivers.  The course can last from three to six months. Each session with an expert lasts a couple of hours focussing on specific skills to develop across a wide range of competencies, where you’ll need to demonstrate your newly acquired advanced driving skills, such as control, observation, timing, optimum road positioning, ability to deal with unpredictable roads and other road users’ behaviour. When you’re ready, you’ll take the advanced driving test.

Paddy Hopkirk has passed the test twice, 23 years apart, and his most recent success was to pass with distinction.  With the roads getting more and more crowded and the driving population getting older, it's good that this course can help people as old as Paddy.  You can teach an old dog new driving skills! For more information go to

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