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Garage Services Tyres Exhausts Batteries MOT
Published by in Safety · 27 September 2018
Tags: SafetyRoads
IAM RoadSmart, a road safety organisation, has taken the Government to task about the sttate of our roads.  They say that over half of its members have suffered from potholes.
After consuting 7,000+ members, they found that 47% had themselves suffered vehicle damage or personal injury because of hitting a pothole.Practically 90% agreed that roads have severely deteriorated over the last few years, with more potholes.  Many eported having to swerve to avoid a pothole on every journey.
Mike Quinton, CEO of IAM Roadsmart, said that they are 'deeply concerned at the safety implications of drivers having to swerve to avoid potholes as well as the high level of damage and injuries revealed by our survey'. They demand that there should be a co-ordinated effort to produce a long-term plan to catch up with the backlog of pothole work and set up a maintenance programme before winter causes even more.

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