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Brexit Driving

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 15 January 2021
Tags: DrivingEUdrivingLaw
Now that we have left the EU, questions arise about the legitimacy of the UK driving licence on the continent.  The good news is that the UK plastic photo ID driving licence is accepted throughout the EU as well as in Switzerland, Liechstenstein, Norway and Iceland.  If you only hold a paper licence, then you'll have to apply at your local post officefor an International Driving Permit.  

However, you will need a Green Card from your insurers to prove that you have insurance, so don't head down to Dover on the spur of the moment, you need to think ahead. Mind you, with Covid restrictions it's difficult to imagine popping over the Channel for a spree any time soon.  And even then, will we also be required to show our vaccination certificate??

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